Kirana Kitchen Commercial is an Indonesian Export Quality Commercial Cooking Manufacturer.

Kirana began manufacturing commercial cooking appliances in 1956. Opened our factory in Krian, Sidoarjo Region, Surabaya, Kirana Kitchen Commercial has over time designed and developed a product range which consists of over 100 standard units. Standardised products are however the exception, as most units can be modified, or even whole new specifications met for a particular kitchen.

During the late 1970’s Kirana Kitchen Commercial began exporting products to Australian market and other countries all around the world with B&S and K+ brand. We recognised the impact of Asian cuisine on the Food Service Industry and began manufacturing ranges to meet this demand. Since then Kirana Kitchen Commercial has established an excellent reputation in all F&B market sectors, manufacturing a wide range of cooking appliances.

Kirana wealth of experience has enabled the business to grow and develop an international profile. Kirana is approved by the Australian market and supplying its ranges to a large number of clients. Within Australia, Kirana Kitchen Commercial has supplied equipment to establishments such as Crown and Star City Casinos, Plenus Group, Pancake Parlour, Bosch, Din Tai Fung and Tim Ho Wan to name a few. Beyond Australia, Kirana Kitchen Commercial has supplied their ranges to various countries including UAE, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and Fiji. This is a result of the recognition of consultants and end users acknowledging that Kirana Kitchen Commercial manufacture units that are durable, reliable and of excellent quality.

With customer feedback being a priority in our product improvement, Kirana in recent times has implemented its innovation program which has enabled it to diversify its product offering in order to accommodate the varying needs of differing market sectors. We have K+ series and Silverline series for custom products that can offer exceptional value for quality and reliable performance. Kirana Kitchen Commercial, with B&S series, K+ series and Silverline series, has been our benchmark brand for many years, still delivering exceptional quality that has built Kirana Kitchen Commercial’s excellent reputation for 60 years.

Kirana Kitchen Commercial’s success can be attributed to flexibility, in-house production facilities and foresight in the market. These attributes have established the company as a supplier of reliable and quality appliances to all food markets. Kirana Kitchen Commercial will continue to remain a market leader providing a real point of difference and of recent times Kirana Kitchen Commercial has developed a patented burner pilot integration system for our Hipac woks to ensure reliable performance. Kirana Kitchen Commercial was the first Indonesian manufacturer to develop and manufacture a complete waterless wok range and has since added waterless steamers, stock pots and Hipacs.

Kirana Kitchen Commercial plan to maintain the highest quality standards through its ongoing research and development both locally and overseas. This will help to achieve continual improvement to existing products as well as search the world for the best new products the market has to offer.